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Thanks to its excellent geographical location, there’s lots for you to see and do.

Overview of all places around the campsite

Camping des Dunes 4-star

Plage de Gravelines


30 metres above sea level and 116 steps to climb for a breathtaking view!

Camping des Dunes 4-star

Fort-Mardyck zoological park

Rue des Droits de l’Homme
59430 Fort-Mardyck
03 28 27 26 24

A park entirely dedicated to French and European wildlife, with 250 animals and 50 species.[…]

Camping des Dunes 4-star

Parc Galamé

655 rue Gaston Dereudre
59279 Loon-Plage

The parc Galamé is an outdoor activity and educational centre where you can hike, visit[…]


Platier d’Oye bird sanctuary

Route des Dunes
62 215 Oye-Plage

Largest feeding area on the Channel / North Sea coast visited by migratory birds: there[…]

gravelines communal prison

The prison de Bourbourg

29, Place du Général de Gaulle
59630 Bourbourg
03 28 65 83 83

One of the oldest prisons in the region, dating from the 16th century. Listed as[…]

camping Hauts-de-France

Jardin de la Poudrière Carnot

Rue Carnot
59820 Gravelines
03 28 51 94 00

A medieval style secret garden in the heart the fortified town of Gravelines, dating from[…]

camping dans le nord

Jardin de l’Arsenal

Site du château Arsenal
59820 Gravelines
03 28 51 94 00

Located within the Gravelines walled town, this is a French-style garden with a collection of[…]

camping près de calais

Jardin de la Liberté

Rue de la Liberté
59820 Gravelines
03 28 51 94 00

This garden was created on the site of a former 19th century parish garden and[…]


Museum of Drawing and Original Print

Rue Demerle Fétel
59820 Gravelines
03 28 24 99 70

Created in 1982, it is the only museum in France to be dedicated solely to[…]


The Beffroi

Place Albert Denvers
59820 Gravelines
03 28 51 94 00

27 metres tall, the beffroi is one of the historical northern belfries, recognised as a[…]

Camping des Dunes 4 étoiles

The fortifications / the nursery


Listed as an historic monument within the Porte aux Boules, the fortified star of Gravelines[…]

Gravelines lighthouse

The Gravelines lighthouse

Digue de mer
59820 Gravelines
03 28 24 99 79

After climbing the 116 steps in the Petit-Fort Philippe lighthouse (in July and August), you’ll[…]

Camping des Dunes 4-star

Espace Tourville – Jean Bart Ship

route de Calais
59820 Gravelines
03 28 21 22 40

A construction site which respects old methods and materials. There are traditional workshops, a smoke[…]



Place du Polder
59820 Gravelines

Leisure centre to recharge your batteries: swimming pool, 10 pin bowling, cinema and, of course,[…]

Camping des Dunes 4-star

Jean Binard water sports centre

Rue de la chapelle
59820 Gravelines
03 28 65 20 31

Come and discover the different water and beach sports, such as sailing, sand yachting, canoeing[…]

Camping des Dunes 4-star

Vauban Promenade

Porte aux boules
Rue de Dunkerque
59820 Gravelines
03 28 51 94 00 / 03 28 65 33 77

Sail a boat or pedalo around the ramparts, right in the centre of the fortified[…]

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